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This is a sub-selection from Good Grief


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Re: Good Grief

Those PRIVATE organizations try to impose there beliefs on us, idiot! Right wing christian organizations always lobbying and Republicans getting rid of same sex marriage (BTW, the birth control issue silly because it's going to be covered anyway now so it's a still a win for women, and those reforms were needed because your PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES will charge an outta this world rate for a necessity for a lot of women) and pushing there mangled CHRISTIAN beliefs onto everyone, happens all the time you see it all the time if your not blinded. You forget this and are severely blinded by facts, GOV'T really CAN'T control gas prices, you blame the government so much, yet you never look to yourselves (republicans) you think you're so much better and more qualified, we saw you do that in the Reagan and Bush era, Reagan brought us debt and more religion while bush brought more of nothing but deregulation do pure stupidity. THINK before you SPEW!

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Mount Airy, MD

said by udilini :

Those PRIVATE organizations try to impose there beliefs on us, idiot!

How? Are they holding guns to your head and forcing you to believe a certain way? Are they threatening to put you or your family in prison if you don't believe a certain way? Are they going to take your stuff if you don't believe a certain way?

Do you know what the word "force" means?

Funny I didn't think private organizations had that kind of power.

I know this must be a funny concept for you people to grasp but at the end of the day, you choose to work for your employer. If you don't like what your employer does, that's your problem, not the government's.
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