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Chicago, IL
reply to sortofageek

Re: Is Comcast's ip telephone service reliable?

said by sortofageek:

Actually, Lifeline or Alert1 or similar would be my choice for someone likely to be a medical emergency.

Lifeline is as only as reliable as the phone line it's connected to! I have no idea if they have ones that work on cellular or not though. My grandma has the Lifeline and it's attached to her trusty POTS line.
Alert1 appears to require a phone line as well.

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I admit I don't have any experience with a medical alert system, but have been told they can provide peace of mind.

A google search on "wireless medical alert system" just gave me a number of hits. Again, no experience here with that, either, and wireless might just refer to the device the individual wears around the neck.

This one is called cellular, though.

»www.cellularmedicalalertsystems. ··· ems.com/

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reply to JohnInSJ

Re: Is Comcast's ip telephone service reliable?

Call comcast ask if they even support your lifeline, to my knowledge only one phillips brand device has been tested and is thus supported.

Furthermore a simple loose fitting on your or possibly your neighbors tv can screw up your phone with cable phone, and pots pushes through partial shorts they cable phone does not. As far as power during outages its the same but the service itself is just more resilient over POTS.


Just because on paper, POTS is more reliable than CDV, doesn't mean nine9s' experience *will* be more reliable with POTS, however. No service is perfect, and it really all depends on your area, and anything that could happen by chance (bad weather, tech working on line, etc.).

Since nine9s2 has U-verse VOIP service, I wonder if that is more reliable than CDV, and if he should stick with that. (is VDSL more reliable for digital voice?)


Chicago, IL
reply to nine9s2
Uverse VOIP isn't nearly as well finished and polished as CDV IMO, I've had lots of issues getting through to people who have it, the 2wire gateway they use is not the best either. Sound quality is on par with CDV but that's about it.
Comcast seems like they have a pretty good system and network for their voice service, Uvoice just seems like they're trying to squeeze by with the cheapest possible. From what I hear Comcast actually relies on the PSTN for much of its call routing.