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Naperville, IL
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Re: Ultra Package

Here's a bullet-point list of tips/suggestions/questions; I couldn't think of any better way to organize it:

- There is a bit of a learning curve, so go to VOD (horizontal) to the Ultra TV category (vertical) and look through the videos in it (arranged in horizontal subcategories). That should get you started. They are the same videos as the ones on YouTube and the WOW! website.
- Did they check the signal levels during install? Definitely call them about the skipping. I had a really severe and weird problem with A/V syncing one night and now it's fine (they DID have a service call for it, but they just swapped the MP and it stopped). Make sure it's not happening on all of the MPs.
- Internet should NOT slow down at all when watching TV, and should not happen at all, so call them.
- There is a Favorites card (horizontal menu). Also, if your mother has her own media player/TV and only wants her favorite channels, you could just change the channel list to exclude the others. If the Media Player is shared, have her go to the Favorites Category (horizontal menu) and it'll all be there.
- If you take the time to play around with the menu and use all of its features, it'll all come naturally. Even I had to put forth a little effort to get the hang of it, but now I really appreciate the menu layout.
- Tip: while in the Channel List, use CH+/- to scroll through the list by page, much like the Page+/- buttons on the Atlas remote

Sorry for the messy and random tip list, but I sincerely hope it helps you in your situation. They are working quickly to patch last-minute issues that didn't show up in ORT.