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Insane Cajun
Arlington, TX
reply to Crookshanks

Re: so I guess we don't want dumb pipes after all?

said by Crookshanks:

DPI for traffic shaping and ads == bad
DPI for security and end user notification of pwned machines == good

I'd rather my ISP not do ANYTHING with my traffic other than ensure it reaches it's destination. Their assistance with maintaining the security of my computers is neither desired nor welcomed.

Now that may be true for you, but the thousands of users out there who have no clue whether they have a bot or not... I think it's a good thing. Is comcast perfect at it.. Nope, but they've detected everything from insecure wifi where folks have had operators using there bandwith, to badly infected PCs. If people were responsible about their PCs security then it would not be needed... However it is needed.
da Cajun Darn I hate Malware

Man, ain't that the truth?

There are simply so many people out there who just don't give a flying fudge about security, it's unbelievable!

I mean heck, just look at all the pickles using Facebook and Twitter!!
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