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Montreal, QC
reply to Eug

Re: Bad firmware

Hi: Here are my stats, I assume these are pretty good. 50M line-rate, 1500 ft loop-length.

Status > VDSL

Downstream line rate

VDSL2 Firmware Version:
VDSL2 Link Status UP
Downstream line rate: 30388 kbps
Upstream line rate: 9348 kbps
Bearer Downstream payload rate: 26920 kbps
Bearer Upstream payload rate: 8128 kbps
Downstream attainable payload rate: 46368 kbps
Downstream attainable line rate: 55560 kbps
Downstream Training Margin: 17.3 dB
Downstream delay: 0.7 ms
Upstream delay: 0.0 ms
Tx total power: -1.0 dbm
FE Tx total power: 13.7 dbm
VDSL Estimated Loop Length: 1695 ft
G.Hs Estimated Near End Loop Length: 1131 ft
G.Hs Estimated Far End Loop Length: 1527 ft
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