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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to 88615298

Re: Some throttling ok.

I would even be ok with throttling at 3Gb. (or whatever the highest level limited tier happens to be at the time) Users on limited plans pay more to continue using full speed beyond that, users on unlimited plans can be throttled after that.

But at 2Gb, it is just evil.

My views are my own.
I have no problem throttling any user so long as the towers are currently reporting congestion.. If there is no congestion and the towers can handle the user, I could care less if 10gb has been transferred in that month, so long as if you're on an unlimited plan.

They shape traffic for one of two reasons...

1) To manipulate revenue.
2) To manage network efficiency.

In the case of the unlimited people getting throttled at 2gb, they're throttling in order to manipulate revenue. You can't throttle a user at 3am when there is no congestion because they've used more than 2gb in a billing period in the name of network management/efficiency.. there simply is no need.

I believe that even comcast ultimately wound up with a throttling model of only when there was a need..

What's horrible about this is that there are people that are buying into AT&T's B.S....(and the rest's)