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Thank you for your concern.

Centurylink has been aware of this problems for over 2 yrs. I have spoken to numberous people from techs to supervisors, and even all the way up to Karen Puckett.


UPDATE on Terrible service

Just got off the phone with regional supervisor. I asked for credit for internet service due to the fact that my ping averages 150ms from 7pm to 1am. I was told I would recieve no more credit since they do not guarentee latency. Thank you! I am unable to use this service from 7pm to 1am due to high latency. Netflix looks like crap, YouTube on a 32 sec video stops to buffer 3 times! Online gaming immpossible during high latency. During the day ping averages 35ms. I am told they are monitoring all the time . Thats great. Hell I can put a laptop in a cabinet and let it run test and report then do nothing about the problems I find. I am going to reduce my speed, no point in paying for 10mbps in ping is going to get up to 265ms when I want to use it! Centurylink continue the great work! I think Ill put a sign in the yard that has my phone number and a message TALK TO ME BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR CENTURYLINK DSL SERVICE. Since I live on a major highway I'm sure that will get a lot of attention. Simple up "if you can get any other provider do so. Centurylink=Problems they can not fix!


not sure what you currently pay but if its more than 70 a mo after taxes tell them you talked to a third party rep who offered 10 meg for 19.95 as a 5 year price lock simple choice package(59.90 for the package plus there bs surcharges and state taxes) but only if you agreed to take on prism tv service. now first they will try to rebuttle that saying that prism isnt even available in your area but maintain a stance of i dont care i was told i can get cheap internet and they will escalate the call get a supervisor on the line and give you what you want. at the very least it may save you some money for there crap internet service and at the same time give you unlimited long distance and caller id, call waiting, 3 way, 69 call return, oh and the best feature to have 60 select call reject for us pesky third party vendors cause it all comes with the package. hope thats helpful.