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Oshawa, ON
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[DSL] Weird Speed test results / speed fluxuations

Never had this before so i first rebooted my Modem, And reset my router got a new ip incase the erx was full but my speed test results and real world speed seems very very Erratic like something is wrong down the line

Its weird because normally the teksavvy speedtest fails to give good numbers and speedtest.net does it right , In actuality my speeds are down quite a bit today its strange.
Rebooted Again,

Weird how they never agree on the speed but this is the normal and line is working fully now no more 1-1.5 mb/s and all over the board speed

So after all the reboots of my Own and Such to figure it out I get it all working and the cellpipe itself does a random reboot rofl. And the problem remains gone but wow p:) to reboot exactly like 5 mins after i rebooted is annoying

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