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SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO
reply to bugabuga

Re: Don't forget..

said by bugabuga:

Of course the real question should be why they didn't implement HSPA(+) on 1900 as soon as they started to build their 3G service.
This is probably one of the most idiotic decisions ever (unless their primary goal was to force users to buy incompatible handsets and thus having less chance of defecting to ATT or something)

Because all of their customers were already using their relatively small amount of PCS spectrum. The only way to deploy 3g on the PCS band would have been to take away spectrum from their 2g network, which was already heavily loaded. Voice would have degraded. Customers would have seen more dropped calls, and 3g data speeds wouldn't have been particularly great due to them being overloaded.

Spectrum is a hard barrier, and it's extremely well documented that T-Mobile had run out by 2006.
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