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Miami, FL
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Re: $8 Billion For This?

"You don't get the same coverage as postpaid customers for free." I guess I don't give a shit because my phone still works for the places I go and then some. Maybe some people just don't have good coverage in there area and the MetroPCS isn't a option because they don't even exist in that market. Regardless my service works and it works well.

T-mobile has a good network but I still get a better price with MetroPCS and it serves my needs. I don't agree with T-mobile's capped service, nor do I agree with paying 104.99 per month for service, and this is the value plans. Yes I get slower speeds on MetroPCS LTE, but my service is unlimited at $45.

Customer service can be a joke sometimes but these days it seems that's just across the board. At least my service is more stable and consistant than the entire 4G LTE network going offline thanks to the holy grail Verzion.

Enjoy paying your dues, I think MetroPCS is a great service for the price I pay and options I have. I would hate to see them go the same route the big three went.