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Alfred, ME
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reply to jamvaru

Re: SB6141?!??!

said by jamvaru:

I got one hooked up last week. It occasionally required a reset, seemed to reset automatically a couple of times, had to pull plug a couple of times and last 2 days it has quit entirely, though the lights indicate it is trying to connect; then, after getting online with rr at some point it starts working, i think when they pull it up on their end.

So, they are sending out a tech to look at it and possibly upgrade the firmware i suppose, so pretty good so far. It has quit only twice, but once a day is too much. Funny, yesterday they said they put it on device watch, then today they said the device watch had already expired, lol. I'm guessing they will do an upgrade, idk.

any clues on this? I have no idea how to look at it for details, much less on how to upgrade it. thanks

Sounds like you have some sort of signal issue. I am pretty sure there is no upgraded firmware pushed by time warner though as mine has been in service over a month. Post up the results from here: »
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Los Gatos, CA

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Just received mine today. Coming from an SB5101. The 6141 failed at doing the "walled garden" activation so had to do it via support chat.

Working fine so far... except, the status page is in error and says the following:

DOCSIS Downstream Channel Acquisition Not started
DOCSIS Ranging Not started
Establish IP Connectivity using DHCP Not started
Establish Time Of Day Not started
Transfer Operational Parameters through TFTP Not started
Register Connection Not started
Cable Modem Status Offline
Initialize Baseline Privacy Done

it certainly is online, I'm using it.

the signal page works fine and shows values for each channel (noticed that channel 8 upstream is timing out, maybe this is why the status page is wrong).

maybe a firmware update will fix it. curious to know if anyone else is seeing the same thing.

Edit: From looking at posts about the SB6121, it appears one needs all upstream channels to successfully bond for the status page to be accurate. And further for all the channels to connect, anecdotally one needs closer to 46db or less for the upstream. Two of my channels are at 49db so I'll have to work on getting that down.