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Staten Island, NY

Earthlink-TWC billing confusion.

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Earthlink - TWC pricing
I'm an Earthlink customer since 1998. In July, 2011 I signed up via Earthlink for Earthlink High Speed, which in my area is provided by Time Warner Cable. The deal was for $29.95 for the first six months and then $41.95 per month after that.

The six months are up and now I'm being incorrectly billed at $49.99 per month by TWC for the Earthlink High Speed. Earthlink says to call TWC regarding ALL billing issues. When I contact TWC via their website they reply that I need to call Earthlink to get this resolved. I even provided a link to TWC which details the Earthlink-TWC pricing:

»www.earthlink.net/access/cable_o ··· er.faces

This is frustrating to say the least and points out the unclear relationship between TWC and Earthlink with regard to this product.


DFC - My name is Gary Vaughan and I'm the Product Manager for EarthLink Cable services. I do apologize for your frustration, but would like to correct the issue. If you email me your name, address and telephone number, I will make sure your issue is resolved and your rate is switched to $41.95/mo for your EarthLink Powered by Time Warner Cable service. My email address is vaughang@corp.earthlink.com. Thank you.