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toll free apps are a good idea

Michael Mace hit upon this over 2 years ago:

See "Toll free" Applications in the text, I'll wait.

The implications are that it needs to be implemented the same on all carriers. A nigh-impossibly tall order.

The most impressive part is that toll free apps would mean everyone's phone could conceivably use them -- a phone with no data plan, or maybe a prepaid data plan -- could use as many toll free apps as they wanted with no financial impact on their account since the app provider/publisher/whatever is footing the bill.

That means if you have a phone you aren't left out of the mobile internet, and you are a consumer on the mobile internet, enabling all sorts of crazy new commerce.

Unless of course the carriers remain deregulated to where they can continue to obliterate all market-creating and market-expanding innovations like this would be.

Wish I had my tank
Monterey, CA
...and you think we have privacy problems now on smartphones. They are already intruding into privacy already and those based on free apps. Wait till they have to start paying for us to use those apps, they'll want to intrude into everything.


They don't even have to wait for that. Your carriers and ISPs already resell our surfing, calling, txting, and browsing habits 10 ways to Sunday and we are PAYING THEM for the privilege.

Not like this is news to anyone who reads these comments let alone this site, but it sure would be nice to just be able to pay for something in return for the thing and not have them think they are entitled to reselling our personal use of that service for more money.