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Glen Carbon, IL

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reply to flashcore

Re: Stop them now before it's too late.

     Strictly speaking, T-Mobile and Sprint both have the advantage of no overage fees on data, which give piece of mind.  T-Mobile is a slightly better value on the low end individual voice plan (500 vs. 450 minutes).  VZW has "Friends & Family Numbers," and really has the best 3G coverage (they are the only 3G option in Wyoming, for instance).  Though for all practical purposes, they are highly similar.

     More or less, I agree with you.  It would also eliminate unnecessary and unplanned redundancy, from not having extra towers as a result of multiple carriers having to build out their own networks.

     In fact, a similar thing can be said about the current state of broadband Internet access.  Build out fiber to every building, using USF funds to build it.

     Generally, I don't like the government getting involved in others' business, but sometimes it's almost needed.

     These are both of those cases where government intervention would be needed to get things as close to a free market as possible, as funny as that may sound.

     Without government intervention in some cases, some houses would likely have never seen POTS, and some rural houses to this day would be relying on diesel or propane electricity generators.