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Huntsville, AL
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Re: AT&T: What's new is old

What if I do not want to provide doubleclick, clickthru, clickthrough, akamai, yads, zedo, servedby.advertising, yimg, atwola, or dozens of other sites that I did not put on the address line any information about me, my browser, my operating system, my ISP, my computer, the time of day nor do I want any of their clients to bombard me with junkmail that I do not want?

And those are not the insidious ones...


Chesterfield, MO

I'm not following your comment on my comment. While I too don't want privacy-invading parasitic HTTP requests making the meter spin, that type of stuff helps cover the cost of the content site and keep it free.

I still believe metering the consumer is better than extorting money from OTT service providers/content creators. When the consumer is involved, it's out in the open. Hidden fees remove the consumer from the equation and immediately grant carrier-provided services a cost advantage. We should seek a regulatory environment that discourages this.