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Re: Very expensive to be a beta tester

You may be in a weak coverage area, the spectrum they use is excellent for building penetration 700 Mhz, the bars on a phone are a historically very bad indicator of signal strength, what matters is the db number -50db is perfect , -113+ is unusable.

I get excellent in results inside and while I'm not thrilled with data outages, it seems to me that people are making a much bigger deal about it than necessary, data isn't a life or death situations and for most of the outages the phone goes back to 3G a few minutes after the outage starts, then I switch the phone to cdma/evdo only until they've resolved the issue completely, I'm very happy with 4G LTE and if their is any carrier I trust to resolve the few issues that affect the network occasionally, it's Verizon.
I've been on every major carrier and Verizon has time and time again proven to be more reliable in general.