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Philadelphia, PA
reply to gumby8v

Re: Clear WiMax WIXFBR-117 + Linksys WRT54GS = No Internet

So I ditched the WRT54GS and got a heap of problems with my new D-Link DIR-655.

After spending 2 hours with D-link on the phone I was finally able to get everything connected and working, but it seems to be working oddly. They had me change the following settings within the D-Link:

Setup/Manual/DHCP Internet Connection:

Host-Name: DIR-655 (normal)
Use Unicasting: [Enabled] (normal)
Primary DNS: (???)
Secondary DNS: (???)
MTU: 1500 (normal)
MAC Address: 00:ba:db:dc:bf:6b (???)

Why is my Primary and Secondary set to these values? Additionally, why is THAT the MAC address?

When I hit the button to "clone PC" (per the tech's recommendation) something similar to that popped up. He had me change the first two digits from whatever to "00". That MAC address doesn't come close to anything in my network.

So why did making these changes, and these changes alone allow the D-Link to connect to the Clear Modem. What are those DNS values and that MAC?

Other than that, everything works nicely. 2.5MB transfer speeds, bottle-neck now being wifi device interfaces.