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iFail 5G

reply to davidhoffman

Re: Verizon has no LTE coverage in lots of places.

said by davidhoffman:

I am waiting on Verizon LTE in Houston County, Bibb County, and Monroe County in Georgia.. There is much anticipation, but few buyers as there is no coverage in these areas. We would be happy if they fixed the lack of regular voice and EVDO Rev A coverage in Monroe County, GA. You hear that Verizon Wireless, fix your regular older technology coverage and you will get more customers and more profits.

As far as the South as concerned, they are doing better than the *other's* in the majority of South. Look at Alabama and the mass rural 4G LTE coverage push, pretty darn good considering how much EDGE and 2G/1X the other carriers have. Here in Alpharetta though, it doesn't really matter what provider you have because they are all pretty good. But I do understand where you are coming from in Monroe county.

Warner Robins, GA
There is a road known as Maynards Mill in Monroe County that has some fairly wealthy horse owners living along it. No decent coverage from Verizon for any voice or data service exists. There is also no cable or DSL internet service. Sprint and T-Mobile are too far off. These people have above average incomes and run equestrian and/or cattle businesses. AT&T recently leased space on a new tower which results in better service for their customers, but the cost of AT&T cellular data plans and the bad customer service in wireless billing has not caused many to switch. They will wait for Verizon LTE for a while longer. There is a rumor that a more customer orientated regional cellular provider may lease space on the recently installed tower. That may be the best solution for those needing broadband at home. The interesting thing is the signs, a few years old, warning of the buried AT&T fiber optic cables along the same Maynards Mill Road.