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Indianapolis, IN

[Tomato] E3000 and Revo 1600: slow as Christmas

I just picked up an E3000. My only problem is that any wired connection from my Acer Revo 1600 (I use it for XBMC) gets no more than 15 kbps when plugged into the E3000, or a gigabit switch that is plugged into the E3000.

I've tried a hard reset, installing DD-WRT, tomato, and the default firmware. All the same results. I've even tried spoofing the mac address of the revo. Same.

The only thing that works is to set up my old WRT54G as wired bridge and patch the Revo through the WRT54G to the E3000. As soon as I do that, everything is right as rain...or as right as rain as it can be on a non-gigabit connection.

I'm at the end of my rope here. What the heck is going on?

Thanks in advance.