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Re: caller id for pc

come on guys some is wanted plz.

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said by bruinator:

Hi, I have tried various software of caller id for pc but none of them are showing the number on my pc. The all recognize the modem and drivers. I am using an external usb modem. I use vonage as my phone service so the phone line is coming in from the phone jack and is plugged into my vonage device and on the port that goes to the phone I have a splitter on it with one rj11 line going directly to my phone and another rj11 going to my PC.

What could be preventing the phone number from displaying on my PC?

said by bruinator:

come on guys some is wanted plz.

Patience young grasshopper, this is an end user peer to peer forum. Nobody is being paid to answer your questions.

There is no way that anyone can answer your question since nobody has any idea what software you are using, or what modem you are using, or what operating system you are using. It could be as simple as your modem does not support caller ID display. The way that you describe your phone connections also sounds a bit suspicious, but perhaps that is just my interpretation of your description (with Vonage, or any VoIP service, the phone line doesn't come in and attach to the VoIP ATA, the VoIP ATA is the source, not the destination). Just to be sure, you may want to temporarily disconnect the connection to your telco wall jack to make sure that something on that line is not the source of your problem.

I have never had a use for such software, but just to help you out, I downloaded and installed a program called WhoCalls from cnet: » ··· 984.html

I installed it with its default configuration and it works just fine with the internal Conexant speakerphone modem in my Windows 2003 server. If you have not already tried that program, perhaps that will fix your problem. If not, my best guess (based on the lack of information from you) is that either your modem is just not compatible with caller ID display, or something in your telco wiring is interfering.

FWIW, this is the modem I used: » ··· ndex.htm
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