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Weaverville, NC
reply to Captain

Re: [DSL] Anyone found a way to bridge SecondConnect effectively

said by Captain:

If you are wanting to share 2 connections on one router you need a new router. The cradlepoint mbr1200 has 2 wan ports with load balancing.

Your speed test will not be faster. You have to use all the bandwidth on one connection then the other kicks in.

So if you was streaming video on one one computer using up all the bandwidth your other computer will get bandwidth from the second connection.

It's about the same as having two routers but the connections are automatic.

That's all there is you can do. There is no way to make 2 dsl connections share the same data feed that I know about.

This may work for me. My main issue is when I am downloading largish files on one computer my streaming suffers as well as connection to https connections. For example a normal YouTube video does well on my connection at 360px but if I am concurrently downloading then it drops to 240 and sometimes not even that works. If I understand your comments correctly, when I have that large file downloading, using the suggested router, the second connection will kick in and allow the vids to stream at the higher rate, correct?

Additionally, this could make my https connections work better when downloading/streaming as well?
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