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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Time Warner should disclose how usage is determined.

said by Mr Matt:

Its the same old bull feces. An ISP wants to establish usage sensitive billing but refuses to disclose how usage is calculated. Will subscribers have to pay for system overhead? How about encapsulation overhead for PPPOE subscribers? What about usage generated by VoIP? What about service packs from Microsoft? Virus signature updates? How about advertising from the ISP making a sales pitch for some crap that they are selling?

I think the calculators are including ALL of that together... and if you add ALL of that together it adds up less than a few Gig.

There will be a few corner case examples, but the big terabyte traffic generation shtuff is video sharing. A select few users that download content they will never have enough time to watch and share it with people they don't even know. It's not the average Netflix user that is going over the caps...