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Re: [VOD] Streampix

said by mogamer:

Is this service currently available for people who only get Comcast internet service? Looking at what's going on in the industry regarding "tv anywhere" streaming, I'm not the one doing the guessing.

There are multiple phases to this product in regards to roll out. The future phases, which include offering to non-subs, are the final roll out.
Again, Im not guessing or assuming. This is what the deal is.
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Schaumburg, IL
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You MUST have video service to get Streampix.


Palm City, FL
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said by wdsnls:

said by Giuffra316:

Does anyone know what kind of service you need to have to qualify for Streampix?

For example, I am a Triple Play subscriber so I am assuming Streampix is currently included as part of my plan.

After reading all the replies to your post, I believe who qualifies for Streampix varies with your area. I have what is call Digital Premier, which includes HBO, SHO, MAX, Starz and Sports Entertainment Package. I do not have HSI or Voice. I always received the Preferred Collection when it became available. When Streampix appeared, I also got confused about the "buy" feature. I called Comcast and was told that Streampix replaced Preferred and I would receive Streampix without charge just as I had received Preferred. The first time I used Streampix, I selected "buy". There was no charge. Since then the "buy" button never showed again.

What I do like about Streampix is the guide is set up to select movies alphabetically. There are buttons #, A, B, etc. I wish they would do this with all the premium channels in VOD.

CORRECTION: I received my bill today and found out I was given wrong information from Comast regarding not being charged for Streampix. I was billed $4.99 plus a pro-rated charge for last month. I called and explained this and was given a full credit. At that point I was totally satisfied but then was told I would be charged $1.99 for a downgrade of service! After a short discussion it was agreed that I would also be given a credit for the $1.99 charge, "this time but never again".

Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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A stealth price increase. The buy button on streampix should read: Subscriber approves gouging. It should be called the buy forever button since unlike the buy button on a pay per view movie, which is for that movie only, it adds the service to the customers account forever. Unfortunately I have a home security system that cannot communicate reliably with the monitoring station, using Comcast Digital Voice because of problems with the security panel communicating with the monitoring station therefore Digital Voice is out of the question.

It is time for all subscribers to Comcast Premier service to complain to corporate headquarters and ask why Streampix is not included in the Premier Package. $40.05 is enough to pay to receive all of the premium channels without being expected to pay another $4.99 for Streampix which was previously included in the premier package under the name Preferred Collection.