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How bad is Acanac.ca

When an ISP shuts down its telephone lines you know there's a problem.

When an ISP hires "Forum Representatives" you know there's a damage control problem on the internet.

When an ISP has over 200 logged complaints at the Better Business Bureau, in 12 months there's a problem.

How bloody more can some one say RUN.

Run now, and do not look back. Cancel your service. Believe me you will thank me. Fuck the saving, you can get same cost and better service from many ISPs.


Carrying Place, ON
On my second year with 2 Dsl accounts. One is connected to out Point of Sales and we've had 0 downtime on that account. On my home account I was down for 6 hours in the last 6 months. What issues I've had over the 2 years have been promptly fixed by Lynn here on the forum. I actually can't say enough good about her with issues I've had.

Pretty damned happy with the price and services overall!

Not sure what your beef is with the company but posting non stop crap about the company isn't going to change anything for you. If you're that pissed file your own complaint with the BBB or take them to small claims court. Ordering Pizza's and sending them to their office is just plain idiotic. I hope if you are playing childish games they log your IP and idiotic confession and ship it off to the authorities.

Grow up!


Strange... Your review about Acanacaca says it all.

"Aside from a few major fuck-ups"
"better support on Acanac forum via Dslreports"
"hire a few more Lynn's"
"cross my fingers hoping for no technical issues"

Dude, it seems like you are being bullied, and you say its ok! Talk with your money, and tell them to go to hell... People like you are the problem that make bad companies stay in business.

Rather than hiring a "Forum Representative" Ithat's her title) they should hire a tech support person.

Do other ISPs hire "Forum Representatives"? no...
Expand your moderator at work

Trenton, ON
reply to Acanacaca

Re: How bad is Acanac.ca

Acanaca you have never asked me for help. Oh and yes, other ISPs do hire forum reps.