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Smithtown, NY
reply to CTMustang

Re: "we aren't raising rates, but you'll pay more peons&quo

said by CTMustang:

That's what I see from that.

Well guess what Mr. Cablevision... if you do NOT give me a nice triple play (or double) price (under 100 bucks) I will be gone very quickly.

Then you can send me a deal 3 weeks later with the super lowest price ever. like you have the last 3 times you made me cancel.

They should be able to look back and see how many times I've canceled and come back, decide if it's worth the resources for them to go through it again and then just re offer me a special deal.

When I was a customer all they did was cut channels and raised prices. I dumped CV 20 seconds after FIOS became available in my area and CV called me twice a week trying to get me to return. Even offered to pay my Verizon ETF. My VOIP company has telemarketing block so I blocked all calls from CV. Guess what, they sent a guy to the house to try and get me to return. They offered something like $100 a month for the triple play which did not interest me but it goes to $160 after something like a year.

Don't know if I could get a better deal, but I do not want to get involved in a triple play that ends up costing me $160 a month after the 1 year. Also their internet was not the greatest and their VOIP offering is way overpriced plus you have to pay an extra $15 to make international calls.

My sister in law did switch back to CV from Verizon after a month because of the savings CV offered, but I really don't need the hassle.