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Cap Haitien

Starband finally going bye bye??

With Wildblue and Hughes rolling out their new platforms, where does that leave the few die hard starband customers. I have looked at Spacenet and Gilat s websites for any insight into future updates and have not seen anything at all. Makes you wounder if they have completely written off Starband. If so, I wounder how much time is left on the leased space on the satellites they are using.
Anyone have any news?? Will starband stay in the business, or will they just let their customers migrate away to faster speeds and higher download caps.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
No news, except for the old maxim; when ya snooze, ya looze. Given the amount of money SB would have to invest to even catch up, I think their best avenue from this point forward would be to move into mobile and emergency/first responder territory. That seems to be an area that's currently being given a back seat by the "other two".

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Cap Haitien
Yah, that is exactly what their parent company, Spacenet is doing. Deploying , integrating and maintains hybrid networks. As a long time starband user/installer, I think it's to bad, I have always had better service with my starband systems than HN. Although, not having many customers on a transponder/ISP has great benefits for the end user. Consistent speed, low ping, good customer service. I wounder how long the leas time is for the space they've got on the couple of sats they use. Also, with Gilat slated to provid modems and other earth station equipment for o3b, makes one wounder........