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reply to mech1164

Re: "Apple wants everything for nothing"

said by mech1164:

What will be fun is when Apple gets tough and instead of going through the content creators. Uses that 100 bil on getting some laws changed. Heck if the MPAA can get laws written so can Apple.

Any way the fireworks are going to be fun.

What is Apple's leverage here and why should they get any special treatment over other distribution methods? Again, these are uneducated and naive statements around a much more complex industry.

Do I think content providers over charge? Yes. So does my cell phone, cable, gas bill, etc. But I don't see why Apple should get any special privileges to join into this game. It reminds me of Verizon saying they should get special privileges from cities and towns for video.

Apple is a 1/2 TRILLION dollar company! They are the poster child for over priced and proprietary products. No special privileges for Apple.