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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

ACTA - will the US be exempt from the rules??

So, will countries that sign on to ACTA be forced to swallow US-instigated rules which are non-binding on the US & US corporations/citizens??


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"ACTA is not a binding international agreement under U.S. law.
The U.S. Constitution describes a limited number of ways in which
the United States can be bound to international law. The subjects of
ACTA—the regulation of intellectual property and domestic and
foreign commerce—are Article I powers under the U.S. Constitution,
meaning they can be regulated only with congressional participation.
Yet, according to the USTR, ACTA will be entered by the United
States as a sole executive agreement without congressional
authorization or approval. Because the entry of ACTA unilaterally
exceeds the President’s constitutional authority, ACTA cannot bind
U.S. law. The statements of the USTR as described above are thus
correct: ACTA cannot change, or prevent the change of, U.S. law."