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York, ON

[DSL] Speedtouch 585 TCP Problems over ethernet (additional info

This ends up being a duplicate thread because the last post to the original thread was last august and the forum configuration does not allow replying to a post if it's been more than two weeks since the last one. Anyway the original thread is at:

»[DSL] Speedtouch 585 TCP problems over Ethernet?

Back in August 2011 when the last update was added I was using a Speedtouch 585 v8 just fine in area code M6C 1J4. In November I moved two major intersections north to M6B 1K1 and moved my 5Mbps TekSavvy service with me.

It was at the new location I started to have the same problems as indicated in the post I referenced above: Unable to browse web pages via ethernet ports only. It turns out someone more technical than I discovered it to be a TCP problem.

The piece of information I'd like to add to that discussion is that the same modem worked in one location but not another with the same ISP (TekSavvy). I don't know if that will be helpful toward determining the cause of the trouble or not but I sure hope we can get some relief soon as we have no recourse since the problem is not the modem: ie; if we're sent a new v8 585 we have the same problem at our location.

And the solution is not to just use wireless as even though that works for web browsing it is pathetically slow for file transferring - especially when all your devices are sharing the WAP.