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The ABB Ultimate HD Channel Thread

I've been working on this, keeping track of what Atlantic Broadband has to offer in HD channels.

I'll update this as things change. South Florida and the Eastern Shore of MD got an HD boost this month. Once I figure out how to post it here, I'd like to have a table with this the way they do at AVSforum. Here is the master list for each of the major 6 Atlantic Broadband clusters.

I have included national cable channels only, and have excluded regional sports networks that only are available in certain footprints. Some markets could run their HD channel count up a lot more with multiple locals (like here in Cumberland).

This is what I came up with:

Cumberland: 44 national HD channels, 9 premium HD channels, 53 total
Altoona/Johnstown: 30 national HD channels, 7 premium HD channels, 37 total
Uniontown: 48 national HD channels, 23 premium HD channels, 71 total
Eastern Shore: 56 national HD channels, 31 premium HD channels, 87 total
South Florida: 65 national HD channels, 12 premium HD channels, 77 total
South Carolina: 44 national HD channels, 6 premium HD channels, 50 total

Everywhere: These HD channels are in all 6 clusters. I count 26 of these.

ABC Family HD
Animal Planet HD
Bio. HD
Discovery HD
Disney HD
Food Network HD
Fox News HD
History HD
Lifetime HD
National Geographic HD
NFL Network HD
Science HD
Syfy HD
Velocity HD

Wide: These HD channels are in at least 50% of the clusters. Listed beside these are the clusters missing them. I count 22 of these.

AMC HD (Altoona/Johnstown, Uniontown, South Carolina)
Bravo HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
Cartoon Network HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
CMT HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown)
Comedy Central HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
Disney XD HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown, South Carolina)
ESPNEWS HD (Altoona/Johnstown, South Florida, South Carolina)*
Golf Channel HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
Hallmark Channel HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
LMN HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
MSNBC HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
MTV HD (Altoona/Johnstown, Eastern Shore, South Carolina)
NBC Sports Network HD (South Carolina)
NFL RedZone HD (Uniontown)
Nickelodeon HD (Altoona/Johnstown, South Carolina)
Speed HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
Spike HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
Travel Channel HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
truTV HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown)
TCM HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
VH1 HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown, South Carolina)
Weather Channel HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown)

*-I included ESPNEWS HD for Cumberland as MASN2 HD (channel 748) airs ESPNEWS 24 hours a day except during baseball season, where it airs it 20 hours a day (4 hours being for overflow Orioles/Nationals pregame, game and postgame show)

Limited: These HD channels are in less than 50% of the clusters. Here I list the clusters that have these channels. I count 24 of these.

BBC America HD (South Florida)
BET HD (South Florida)
BTN HD (Altoona/Johnstown)
ESPNU HD (South Florida, South Carolina)
Fox Business Network HD (South Florida)
Hallmark Movie Channel HD (South Florida)
HDNet (South Florida, South Carolina)
HDNet Movies (South Florida, South Carolina)
H2 HD (South Florida)
HLN HD (Eastern Shore, South Florida)
HSN HD (Uniontown, Eastern Shore)
IFC HD (Eastern Shore, South Florida)
ID HD (Eastern Shore, South Florida)
NatGeo Wild HD (Eastern Shore)
OWN HD (Eastern Shore, South Florida)
Outdoor Channel HD (Cumberland, Altoona/Johnstown)
Oxygen HD (South Florida)
Planet Green HD (Eastern Shore)
QVC HD (Uniontown, Eastern Shore)
Smithsonian Channel HD (South Florida)
Style HD (Eastern Shore, South Florida)
TBN HD (South Florida)
Tennis Channel HD (South Florida)
Wealth TV HD (South Florida)

Premiums: These 6 are everywhere.

HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Starz Kids & Family, Encore, Showtime

HBO 2, Showtime 2 and Starz Comedy are Wide. Starz Edge and TMC are the only other premiums seen beyond the Eastern Shore or Uniontown, which are to my knowledge, the only all-digital systems.

The Eastern Shore and Uniontown systems had the same additional HD premiums in HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, HBO Zone, HBO Latino, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, TMC Xtra, MoreMax, ActionMax and ThrillerMax.

Effective 3/1, the Eastern Shore added HBO West, HBO2 West, Encore West, Starz West, Starz Cinema, RetroPlex, Showtime West and Showtime 2 West. They now have 31 HD premiums which is really very good.

In total, there are 103 HD channels in the ABB sphere now, and that's getting closer to the bigger guys. But everyone has room for improvement. A lot of those limiteds in South Florida are new to ABB as of 2/28.

beach bum

I spent a lot of time today figuring out what HD channels are now offered on Atlantic Broadband Basic Cable (No Box) in Miami Beach. These channels are accessed directly via Coaxial into my LG TV and are categorized under the CADTV. I believe many of these channels are newly added as of March 2012. I hope this is helpful to other people.

25.1 HGTV HD
25.2 Food Network HD
25.5 EI HD
41.5 Travel HD
41.7 Encore HD
41.8 Starz HD
51.3 TLC HD
51.6 USA HD
51.7 SYFY HD
69.4 Fox News HD
69.5 Bio HD
69.8 IFC HD
80.1 Telemundo HD
81.2 TBS HD
81.3 Discovery HD
81.4 Sci HD
84.1 Cinemax HD
84.2 ion HD
84.6 Bravo HD
86.4 Cartoon Network HD
86.7 CNBC HD
87.13 Lifetime HD
88.1 ESPN 2 HD
88.2 A&E HD
88.3 NatGeo HD
98.1 CBS HD
98.12 Sun Sports HD
110.1 FX HD
110.2 History HD
111.1 ABC HD
111.3 HBO HD
111.7 FOX HD
112.2 HDNET HD
112.3 HDNET Movies HD
113.1 Velocity TV HD
113.2 NBC HD
113.8 Showtime HD
114.1 TNT HD
114.2 MY 33 HD
126.4 TRU TV
126.6 Weather HD
126.8 Univision HD
127.1 ESPN HD
127.10 NFL HD


All of these come in WITHOUT a box? Atlantic Broadband has most of the cable channels in ClearQAM? That's awesome. I haven't heard of that in Uniontown or on the Eastern Shore. And this suggests to me you're all digital in Miami Beach now too, which should mean more premiums are on the way for you guys.

That is definitely not the case here in Cumberland. The only things that come in via direct wire are the following:

78-9 PPV Previews
79-3 WHAG (NBC - Hagerstown)
114-1 WUSA (CBS - Washington)
114-3 WJLA (ABC - Washington)
115-2 WMPT (PBS - Baltimore)
115-3 WTTG (FOX - Washington)
122-3 WJAC (NBC - Johnstown, PA)
122-6 WNPB (PBS - Morgantown, WV)
123-2 WTAJ (CBS - Altoona, PA)
123-3 WWCP (FOX - Johnstown, PA)
124-1 WJZ (CBS - Baltimore)
125-1 WDCW (CW - Washington)
125-3 WDCA (My - Washington)

And at least here, I did a scan of ClearQAM on a former neighbor's new Samsung TV, and nothing HD came in. This is what I get on my 46" Samsung, but I subscribe to HD service and have the Motorola box.


Smock, PA
reply to Os
We are in uniontown and dont get amc hd! I have called them and they say we don't get it and that pisses me off!


AMC is the only widely distributed HD channel you don't get up there.

I don't know why they don't add it. Their next batch should be the expanded basic channels they don't have there. AMC, HLN and BET should be your next 3 up there. And it's inexcusable that Uniontown doesn't have the Big Ten Network in HD.

Being that the NCAA Tournament starts this week, I would love to turn on my box and find a surprise with truTV HD which you guys have and we don't.


Dunbar, PA
reply to neadysamurai
Could you give a full clearQAM HD channel list for Uniontown. I am moving from Armstrong territory into ABB down by Point Marion. I think they are fed from Uniontown.



All of the Western PA ABB areas are fed from Uniontown.

I'm curious as to why ABB there carries WPGH in SD but WWCP in HD. That makes absolutely no sense to me.


Dunbar, PA
Thanks for confirming my understanding.