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Scarborough, ON

[Extreme] Can Rogers slow down traffic to/from a specific URL


I gave up on torrents a while ago and I'm using a seedbox and cannot get on to the webui in firefox or IE or Safari to manage my files. I am able to enter my username and password, and then it hangs. I've tried this on a pc, netbook and ipad. I am able to connect to the same URL via FTP and can download, however I'm getting a mere 5 kbps! I tried downloading a file via FTP from my own web site and got pretty good speeds of 4.5 mbps.

The seedbox people in Europe say it's not them. I had a friend in Australia log in for me and he had no problems doing so. I've restarted my modem a few times and my IP has not changed.

Can Rogers slow down or disallow me visiting this particular URL? I do most of my downloading from there but it's really not a lot (maybe half of what I'm allowed).

I'm just trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this.


Toronto, ON

Re: [Extreme] Can Rogers slow down traffic to/from a specific UR

more likely rogers network has craped out again. having problems loading rogers yahoo page and google search all day.
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Scarborough, ON
Thanks dauthiatull, you were right. Everything works perfectly this morning. I've had pretty good luck with Rogers quality lately, so I assumed it was something else.