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Columbus, GA

Knology reliability in Columbus, GA?

Hey everyone, i just bought a house in Columbus, GA (a little off of St. Mary's road, east of 185), and I"m looking at internet options - right now i'm seeing MediaCom and Knology in Columbus, and i've read about quite a few problems with both from years past.

What are some of the thoughts from current Knology users in the area right now? Is it reliable? Have any speed issues/lost connections/outages/etc been rectified by now?

I'm coming from a place where i was paying for 16Mb (slowest available) and getting 2.7Mb max for 3 years, and it was the only option. I'm not willing to live with that again now that I'm here - I just want fast internet access with no drama.

Also, are the DOCsys 3.0 modems worth it right now? Any other providers in the area that are worth checking out? It appears all the 'big name' guys aren't playing here.

Thanks for all the help!

Opelika, AL
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You will NOT regret signing up with Knology. There have been zero complaints from Columbus on this board since we were upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 last year.

It is very reliable, ~99.5 I'd say. It does go down every once in a while, but it's almost never longer than 5-10 minutes if it does. The speed is consistent. Basic package is 12/2, but Knology has always figured in overhead so you'll receive speeds slightly over that. I always get around 16/2.1, and never lower. I've never noticed a slow down.

Any negative reviews you see for Knology are either from other markets, or very old reviews from Columbus. As for Mediacom, the reports are accurate from them. While they do have an excellent public relations team here at DSLR, it can't do much when the problems are caused by an antiquated & oversold network the company won't invest in.


Columbus, GA
What DJ Said...

Mediacon has all kinds of problems...


Columbus, GA
reply to usmabmass
thanks a lot! i'll be going with knology, then.


Ditto about Knology Cable Modem reliability and speed. Thumbs down on their price structure.

I'm using my own Motorola SB6120 (Docsis 3.0) with Knology. I currently have the $89/month bundled (internet/tv/phone). With taxes, HD channel, DVR rental, no premium channels...my bill is around $120 a month.

I just signed up with DirecTV and they're coming this Sat to install.
If it's successful, I will drop phone and cable and keep the internet for now. I'm sure with dropping two service, my cable modem bill will still be around 60-70 a month.

I was looking at DSL 6Megs from AT&T but they don't offer trial period. They said you can do a month service to see if you like it. Ok, great but then you have to buy $100 DSL modem. So, if I hate it then I'm stuck with a $100 modem and 1 month's bill. That's really not a trial service/period.

Does anyone have DSL from AT&T? I live in North Columbus (Windsor Park). Any thoughts on DSL from AT&T?

Internet usage: We use it for VUDU, Netflix, etc. We barely download large files and occasional video game play over internet.
So, cable modem EDGE service maybe overkill for us. I'm trying to keep my monthly bills down.


I'm in north columbus and had AT&T DSL for years, with the 6 down top tier speed...I think the price is/was $48.

Quite happy I switched to knology (internet only). $30 for 12-months, then jumps to $40 for 15 down and 2 up. Twice the speed for less? Yes please. I'd like EDGE, but I certainly don't need it (yet).