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Re: [speed/latency] Speeds slow on 30/15 connection NH/ME

Well, The PUC has certainly passed on our issue to Fairpoint with the point of saying that they do no regulate internet access. I'm sure as various PIPA/SOPA laws pass that it will stay the same for the sake of our richest benefactors here in the USA where they can't regulate and they'll just enforce. Aaaanyway, PUC was certainly helpful and we (or at least I and others) got an actual response from Fairpoint based on our complaints. I was told it would be fixed "soon". I was also told that I would hear from the billing department about adjusting my fees. 'Soon' is interpretable I suppose. I have not heard from 'billing' nor has my service been fixed. I will certainly be calling on Monday during business hours to achieve a solution. I suggest you all do the same.



Nashua, NH

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I will be calling them tomorrow, after reading even more posts, I no longer feel I am alone. On a good note, I had a few laughs at what some guys put on here, about it being a good day and they post the extremely low speed numbers. It is frustrating, what really gets me is I am seeing a post saying it will not be fixed until April. I see another post saying Fairpoint is having Financial issues and that is the cause of the slowdown. I also heard the fire in a N.Y. tunnel story too. I will say this, the Guys that show up are decent people, I have no complaints about them. They have been great. But this slow speed stuff is inexcusable, It's not a perfect world, but after months of this, it's time for fairpoint to come clean and fix the problem once and for all!