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Nashua, NH


I have been on this forum before about the slow speed from Fairpoint. I have reset my router so many times, I have lost count. It has never helped my speed. I am supposed to have 30/15 mbps. I noticed that in November it was getting slow, but seemed more so in the evening. Then it got a little worse in December, At the End of December it was so slow that I was calling, emailing etc. I emailed Fairpoint- I was told a trouble ticket was created, I called Fairpoint- I was told a trouble ticket was created, A nice lady on the phone said I would get a $15.00 credit off my next bill(It never happend) Then after at least two weeks, I got a call from Fairpoint. They admited that have had some type of "Congestion" problem and they were working on routing some traffic. They said they had my complaint and they were on it. They said they would give me a $15.00 credit on my next bill HOWEVER I had to call them in order for this to happen, The lady that left the message said, that if I did not call, I would not get the credit. That really wasn't a big deal, I was getting used to their offers of credit by now. Last night took the cake, I did a speed test, and, after much time, I was able to squeak out a .75/?? I didn't have time to wait. I was trying to stream a movie, thats what got me to do a speed check again, I thought getting 4MBPS/1.5mbps was bad. I should point out that one time during the day last week I did a speed test and I thought my internet browser would burn up, over 32 MBPS up!!! I was flying on the web, I could not believe it....UNITL the sun went down and all over again. Yes, I called the tech person last night, I told her it was not her fault, I am, or at least I think I am, a decent person, but I told her I wanted to file yet another complaint, I wasnt rebooting my router for the 100th time this week. I do not know what is going on at Fairpoint but if anyone knows, please let me know, If someone else was telling me all this, I'd say they were making it up, But this is what I have been through with them. I can see from looking around on the forums, I am NOT the only one.




I am having the same issues. Someone came out from fairpoint to look at my setup to make sure I wasn't an idiot or something. They said they would switch me to another server or something to that effect, and for about 3 weeks I didn't have any issues - Netflix ran fine at high quality, gaming didn't lag. Still had to reset the router every 4 days, but it was an improvement.
Then about a week ago I started having problems with streaming content and gaming lag again. Not sure how much more I can deal with, although paying $62.95 to Comcast is pretty unappealing...