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It hurts to be loyal

Here in Minneapolis/St Paul. We have had Comcast for the last 3 and one half years. Service has been pretty good: a couple of outages and a little slow in evenings (20 Blast).

The cost has kept going up. We started at 42.95, then 5x.95, then over a year ago to 59.95, and now $69.95. We have our own modem and just internet.

Everyone knows that Comcast likes new customers way more than existing customers. While that's not just Comcast, I deal with no company where there is such a difference in deals and customer service between new and existing customers.

There is very little choice here in the twin cities, which is why Comcast is so expensive. The only other choice is Qwest (or a reseller of Qwest) and I hate Qwest even more than Comcast. But I'll have to switch over for six months and then return to Comcast as the prodigal son.
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