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My socks don't match.
Hawaiian Jellyfish
Mile High

[Help] Setting up a low power file/media server

I have recently restored my old laptop to a functional state. It's a Thinkpad T42P. Basic specs:

• 1.7GHZ Pentium M processor
• Gigabit ethernet
• 802.11a/b/g Atheros WIFI card
• Bluetooth
• 100GB or 160GB boot drive (I have 3 and will dedicate one to this purpose)
• second drive is 500GB internal (instead of an optical drive)
• DVD burner as optical drive (instead of 500GB drive)
• 2x 2TB drives in RAID1 in an external box (most likely via USB connection). The external box manages the RAID, so the OS doesn't need to know anything about it.

I don't have much use for it as a laptop (damn shame with that gorgeous 1600x1200 screen!), but I know it will do a fine job serving files in my house. I would like to keep backups of various files from other machines (photos and documents, mainly) on it, as well as have it serve general purpose files (documents, etc.) and media.

I don't really care which OS is necessary to do it. It runs Windows 7 (32 bit only) just fine as well as Linux. I'm comfy in either OS.

FreeNAS looks good, but I'm unsure about the media-serving capabilities of it. One of my coworkers loves Subsonic but I'm not sure of the file sharing abilities.

I'm lazy and don't want to spend hours setting it up, if that can be avoided. And I need something that's going to be easy enough or my wife to use on her laptop. Our client machines will be my desktop, my wife's laptop, a couple of tables (iOS, WebOS, Android) and a couple of phones (Android and Windows 7 phone).

Any advice, pitfalls, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Opera ex-pat
Irving, TX

My linux box is essentially a glorified NAS. Sharing's accomplished through Samba, nothing special. I also used to have a Win2k machine whose sole purpose was to play and serve media files. Again, sharing through standard Windows shares. (That machine succumbed to a hardware failure, and was replaced by an Asus O!Play pulling media off the aforementioned linux box and another Windows machine)
Think Outside the Fox.

My socks don't match.
Hawaiian Jellyfish
Mile High

I threw Ubuntu on it yesterday and got Samba working pretty well. Man, Samba sucks to set up. But once it IS set up, it works decently.

I also have Subsonic working, but can't get to it outside the house yet. I'm sure it's a minor config issue somewhere.

Tonight I'm hoping to get the 2TB drives hooked up and I'll go from there.