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Papillion, NE

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Re: [Raiding] LFR asshattery

I hear what Immer is saying. Its like, if everyone rolls and you win, no one, not even Immer would fault you for walking away with the loot. But when it was graciously given to you, you would be fine for keeping it when asked to return it. But you would be greater still if you returned the grace with your own grace by handing the item back.

That is kinda why I watch to see who rolls on an item that I would take for offspec. If I am in a 5 man as a healer and a trink with say... int and hit on it drops. I would love to have it for my mental spec. But if the lock and mage need or greed on it, I would be an ass to try and have a go at it too.

Having the ability and having the right may look the same but are sometimes so different. I guess that is what this thread is all about.

Edit: better grammer