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reply to Rifleman

Re: Abusable Oxycontin Pulled

said by Rifleman:

10 bucks/mg here. How much worse can it get and how bad are the robberies gonna get?

You serious? I have a medicine cabinet filled with this stuff and something else called dilaudid.

Without going to into details, I was given morphine after a surgery. It worked for only 3 days then I was immune to it's effects and the pain was unbearable.

So they gave me oxycontin. This worked for about 3 days and then the pain was unbearable.

Then they gave me dilaudid. This worked for 3 days before the pain became unbearable.

They put me back on oxycontin and said you have a choice. A referral to some sort of pain specialist, or live with it. I decided to live with it and just filled out the prescriptions and never bothered taking them (hence why I have a lot in my medicine cabinet).

They said I'm unlucky to be one of those people whose body adjusts to pain meds after a couple of days. Then again, when they put me out for surgery I sat up while they dug into me and said it was a nice hole they made. They gave me more giggle-juice to put me out and when they were all done I sat up and said, I bet you thought I was out eh and laughed before I actually did pass out.

So this stuff doesn't have much use on me. But I know the effects.

Morphine + severe pain = Relaxation.
dilaudid + severe pain = numbness.
oxycontin +severe pain = moody and hyper

I think much of this is in peoples minds. Tell them it's an opioid and they want it and think they are high.

One thing I learned though, by accident... oxycontin + a couple of glasses of wine = knock out concoction.

So if I had to guess at why people are (or think they are) addicted to oxycontin, I would say it isn't because of oxycontin alone. Rather oxycontin with something else (beer, wine or whatever) triggers a big enough high to F you up greatly (and I mean walking through walls). But for me, that lasted.. yup, 3 days.. then it no longer affected me in the same way.

As a pain med, I found it really useless along with everything else.