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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to sk1939

Re: Why Are All Showerheads Made For Short People?

said by sk1939:

said by rudnicke:

Believe me, after a days worth of mexican food, this toilet had no problem whisking away the leftovers of my vacation.

Too much information.

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Seamonkey's back
Irving, TX
reply to Xstar_Lumini
Anyway, after a lifetime of having the water hitting my chest, I think it would be annoying to have it falling on my head. In fact when I was little I used to back away or point the showerhead lower.
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Santa Fe
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Freight Yard
reply to Xstar_Lumini
I just replaced my original shower head with one like this one. Not that hard to do & you can hold & point it where ever you want to.


Whoops, oh well a day late & a Dollar short.
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Hilo, HI
reply to CylonRed
said by CylonRed:

According to Home Depot online - they have 240 elongated toilet seats with lids: »www.homedepot.com/Bath-Toilets-T···Nav=true

Just on page one they have white, rose and black colored seats and lids.

So? They don't ship free to Hawaii. The shipping cost would be a great deal more than the cost of the seat. Our local Home Depot doesn't have any elongated ones and maybe two regular ones. We don't have a Lowe's here.

Besides, those are not SOFT seats. I want a SOFT one but a better quality than from Wal-Mart which is the only place that sells them (even our new gigantic, silly Target store that has very little that you want in it doesn't carry any). The Wal-Mart soft ones come in white only and last one year. Then you have to call a plumber to remove the dang thing to put a new one on. The plumber told me that it wasn't just me having a problem getting the old one off....he has a terrible time also because they use plastic bolts and nuts that expand and get very hard and rigid in the marine environment.

A rigid elongated seat is extremely uncomfortable because of the shape and to be tolerable it needs to be a soft seat. Years ago, the quality was better, they lasted 3 years or so, and didn't use plastic nuts and bolts. You could spray with a lubricant for a week and then could remove the seat. Now, it is a very difficult task especially in the tiny area where the toilet is located in these condos. I've been lucky that the plumber has been out for something else around the time I need a new seat, for the last few years, and he hasn't charged me extra to get it off although he has to struggle too. He says he hates them for that reason.
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reply to Xstar_Lumini
I'm even shorter than you and I so totally agree. I went to work out with a friend and asked to use his bathroom so I could shower after. I kid you not, the showerhead was pointing at my ribcage. I had to kneel down to wash my hair. Wtf?

I did all my own plumbing in our new (to us) house and the shower's head is a good six inches above mine.


Duchesne, UT
reply to Xstar_Lumini
Haha, This is so true! I'm 5'7 and so I can't complain too much - The shower heads seem to be just right for me, although I have always wondered how everyone else deals with this. It does make me feel better about my height though. Have a great one!
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