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Some truth included in this post.
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reply to NetFixer

Re: AT&T DSL Speed Settlement

said by NetFixer:

said by brandon:

At the very beginning, fastaccess DSL was advertised at 1.5mbps, but had a sync rate of 1472.

As I recall, the first BellSouth FastAccess DSL service I had was advertised as 1.5 mbps downstream, but my max downstream sync rate was ~1244 kbps (my realworld downstream speed was usually ~1000 kbps). That was in the previous century, so perhaps my recollection is wrong, but I am pretty sure that at that time the max downstream sync rate was ~1244 (but it would vary depending on the brand/model of the DSLAM), and was later raised to 1472 (but a 1472 downstream sync rate for a service advertised as 1.5 mbps is still a prime example of what prompted this particular lawsuit and settlement).

Now that you mention it, I think you're right. Man, that was a long time ago. But this suit doesn't really apply to us in the Bellsouth region from what I can tell.

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I received a card in the mail yesterday. I briefly read it and don't recall it mentioning any specific region. I will have to look at the card again.
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reply to brandon
said by brandon:

Man, that was a long time ago. But this suit doesn't really apply to us in the Bellsouth region from what I can tell.

According to the FAQ on the site, it not only covers former BellSouth customers, but since it goes back to 1994, it should apply to pre-assimilation BellSouth customers.


Who is included in the Settlement?

You are a Class Member if you are a current or former customer of AT&T and you paid for DSL Service from AT&T* between March 31, 1994 and January 27, 2012.

*AT&T for the purposes of this Settlement means (unless otherwise specified) all AT&T entities, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including their predecessor and successor entities, and related entities, that provided, marketed, sold, or billed for DSL Service in the United States including without limitation, any state or territory thereof during the Settlement Class Period, including but not limited to: SBC Internet Services, Inc., d/b/a AT&T Internet Services; BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.; Pacific Bell Internet Services; Southwestern Bell Internet Services, Inc.; Ameritech Interactive Media Services, Inc.; SNET Diversified Group, Inc.; Prodigy Communications Corporation; and Oklahoma Internet Online.

The primary thing that is not clear to me is if legacy BellSouth customers who had adequate sync rates, but whose speed was limited by ATM throttling would be able to collect. I sort of suspect not, since AT&T is the party doing the qualification, and AT&T has never admitted doing that. OTOH, since BellSouth both before and after the assimilation did set the max sync rate lower than the advertised rate for 1.5 mbps service, those customers should be eligible for a refund (if they file a claim).
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