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reply to JimThePCGuy

Re: I only have Edge now, what am I suppose to do?

No if AT&T does what they want to do then you'll now have 3G in that area!

Why is this so hard to get for people?

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
said by SHoTTa35 :

Why is this so hard to get for people?

Because ATT lies ?

Sorry to disappoint you but it's required that if you have frequency you have to use it. No squatting on spectrum says the FCC, it's use it or lose it! So AT&T wont just turn off GSM/EDGE and leave nothing in that area, that would be totally retarded even for a retarded company like AT&T.

Eitherway, it doesn't matter anyways as they aren't turning it off, they are just using SOME of it for something else.

"AT&T says they'll be supporting EDGE for a while, but the ultimate end goal is the elimination of the network:"

This is word for word the last line of the article, what part of this makes you think they are not turning it off?