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Re: [PvP] World PVP / Exploring - How to bring it Back

I do like being able to not have character collisions. I don't want them to change that.

Maybe they could keep flying safe, but add a little more of the roller-coaster effect to it. I hate that I can point straight down and fly the same speed as when I fly straight up. I think it offends the hidden pilot in me.

Flying now is like this guy:

I want to fly like this guy:

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Papillion, NE
reply to The0_o
Idea: Day of the Champion.

Once a month on this day everyone is flagged for 24 hours.

Flying is disabled on both mounts and taxis.

Mages only port to nuetral or opposing cities.

If you spend longer than 15 minutes in a capitol you are automatically ported to an opposing capitol.

All opposing leaders are worth 1000 honor, 1000 JPs and 1000g every time you down one.

Subsequent kills are worth +10% each time.

Only 1 kill counts per hour.

There is more to it than that but I will leave it up to everyone's twisted imagination.


Virginia Beach, VA
aside from disabling LFD/LFR it would be cool if you could get rewards on a PvP server for attacking enemy towns and quest hubs

rewards could be titles: Defender of the Crossroads, Sacker of Goldshire, something along those lines.

it would definitely interfere with people questing but if you dont like it , roll on a PvE server.

Maybe the town could have a flag in the middle that can be captured after dealing with all the NPCs and enemy players.
Also on a larger scale they could enhance the For the Horde/Alliance achievements with titles for killing the leaders and defending your capital i.e. Guardian of Stormwind or Conqueror of the Horde.

It would give people who are interested in "world" pvp something to work towards. 2 cents

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Attleboro, MA
reply to The0_o
Blizzard decided a long time ago that they didn't really want world PvP. They caved in and listened to the crybabies who 1) chose to play on PvP servers, and 2) hate PvP.

Seriously, it really is that simple. People who don't like getting attacked by other players CHOSE to play on PvP servers, then cried to Blizzard and ruined a good thing.

They want everyone to just queue up for instanced crap and do their daily chores (grinding trivial things like "rep").

I miss the glory days of Ultima Online so much.
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reply to Phantasee
said by Phantasee:

/join Worlddefense and hunt them down. I do it when bored.

holy crap, after 6 years of playing I never knew this channel existed... learn something new every day! This will be my new hobby. Beats waiting at the Crossroads all day.


Silver Spring, MD
reply to The0_o
MOP Will add :

World PvP: Conquest point cap will increase as players win world objectives. For example, personally conquering Southshore and Tarren Mill back in the day would have been great for this dynamic.
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Aurora, CO
reply to saillaw
said by saillaw:

Very, very few real world birds can hover. So very, very few mounts should be able to hover.

I guess it wouldn't bother me much if they could, I just think it would be fun to have a little fear thrown into flying in game. If you didn't pay attention and fly into a mountain you can die. If you climb too hard you stall. If you fly upwind you go slower, down wind faster.

So in a game where warlocks shoot green fireballs from their butts you're concerned with the physics of flight?