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Nashville, TN
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reply to 88615298

Re: Birmingham, Dallas, and Nashville

that's not always true. I think it means "NASHVILLE MARKETS".
I can name plenty of places in NASHVILLE that are outside the limits of cable, and definately outside the limits of DSL. I lived there, I know what's available. DSL is limited by distance from the C/O. Take a road like Old Hickory Blvd. Alot of that road isnt covered by DSL (too far out), and Comcast never extended their lines. so saying people in Nashville have a choice...Sometimes they dont!

NASHVILLE MARKET encompasses a large area. I'm 45 miles from Nashville now, but I'm still in the "NASHVILLE MARKET". We even have TWO Verizon LTE TOWERS here. One is in town, the other is in a hay field 9 miles away.

said by 88615298:

said by Jim_in_VA:

are "rural" huh?

Exactly. People in Nashville already have a choice of U-verse or Comcast both of which are better than this crap.