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[HDMI] Set Top Box capability

Can any of the FIOS STB's support HDMI 1.4? I am looking for Audio Return Channel (ARC) capability amongst my receiver, TV, and STB. I already have it working well between the receiver and TV, but if my STB (HD/DVR) is turned off, all handshaking stops.


Bradenton, FL

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Limited 1.4 features supported. Example 3d. But the basic chip is a 1.3 chip. Not actually important that it supports much more as ARC wouldn't be used between the STB but between your TV and Receiver.

Thanks for the quick reply. The primary reason for wanting this capability through the STB is to avoid toggling the TV from HDMI to Composite, when power is dropped to the STB. Sometimes I do not want the receiver enabled, so the signal (HDMI) is passed through to the TV until the STB is turned off, which drops the pass through feature. When the TV and the STB is turned back on, the the video signal has to be switched back to something other than HDMI (since this is dedicated to the receiver).


Wakefield, MA

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reply to Stevedok
said by Stevedok :

but if my STB (HD/DVR) is turned off, all handshaking stops.

Sorry, that just doesnt make sence. Your reciever and TV would need to support audio return not the STB. The reciever distributes the signal it "recieves" the STB "supplies" the signal. Thats like expecting to watch a DVD with the DVD player turned off...
What reciever are you using? It would also need to support HDMI standby pass through if your looking to get audio with the reciever turned off. But the supply component would still need to be powed on.

The STB would have to be powered on to supply signal.

Sorry for the confusion. The TV is a Sony (ARC enabled), and the receiver is Pioneer (supporting HDMI 1.4). Handshaking between these devices works great while viewing TV with STB on and interconnected via HDMI. Typically at the end of day, I turn all 3 devices off. In the morning if my wife just wants to view TV (no receiver), she turns the TV and STB on, but the TV sees no signal, since I have connected the STB using Composite not HDMI. If she toggles the input source on the TV, she can switch the HDMI (set the night before), over to composite and continue viewing. I guess what I really need here is either an additional HDMI port on the STB, or an HDMI splitter, that shares the same signal to the receiver and the TV.


Virginia Beach, VA

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Couldn't she just turn all 3 devices on and mute the receiver if she doesn't want sound? Seems like the simplest solution.

Edit: Seeing Joe's response below me makes me think I am missing the point, so if I am, feel free to ignore me.....


Wakefield, MA

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reply to Stevedok
I have a Sony NX810 3D HDTV myself, dont know about yours but the internal speakers on mine suck worse than anything has ever sucked before. The PQ is awesome which is the only reason i kept it.
The Mrs could alway go into the Sony's setting menu and enable the TV's internal speakers

ARC via HDMI control via your HDMI connection may be turning off the internal speakers because it finds the Pioneer. Switching inputs if thats what you are doing, the TV may be defaulting to the previous setting from HDMI where the TV's internal speakers are OFF, the only way to get them back on when you switch to a component connection will be to go in to the TV's speaker settings and change it from external to internal. Or, maybe with the TV on if you turn off only the reciever the TV may default back to its internal speakers.
In doing that you may now find the reverse when going back to the HDMI input on your TV, your TV may default to the internal speaker setting and your receiver will have no sound, you would have to go back into the TV speaker settings again and enable external audio speakers.

All is depending on what your DLNA compatibility is but composit inputs needing an altenate audio source (cable ie. optical or coax) do not work with HDMI control or ARC. I also doubt Audio and video pass through will work using composit conncetions.
Let me know what you find out.

Kes, Your idea would definitely work... I need to run a test. If all 3 devices are powered up, HDMI is active from the STB through the receiver to the TV. At this point ARC would automatically switch audio from TV to receiver. With this link established, She could turn the receiver off (pass thru will be active), and the receiver will switch audio back to the TV. I believe this will solve the problem, and avoid having to toggle the TV video source (HDMI or Composite). So net net (if this works), I only need the single HDMI coming out of the STB to drive both the reciever and TV (or just the TV, provided I power the receiver up to establish the link and then down to utilize the pass thru).