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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Re: ATT UVerse Question

U know given all the feedback on picture quality I think I just might wait down the line and maybe UVerse will have a better quality product out there in terms of PQ. I'm in no rush. The 4HD streams would yes be important to me b/c i watch a ton of tv and record a ton of it too. I already have an ethernet cable going to my DTV HD DVR in the living room and one for the DTV HD DVR in the bedroom so i might just get two Uverse dvr's when i decide to switch since i'm already wired up and the service includes total home DVR. So just for future reference when u order Uverse do they tell u all this about how many HD streams u can have and what internet package u need to get them all or is this something u find out after the fact/after the install then have to get on the phone to actually get what u want? BTW, just for future reference what internet package wuld i need to get the 4HD streams? Looks like from the package choices i would most likely get the U450 package since HD and HBO are included. They have a special with that pacage and Max internet for 121/mo for 6months but i notice under the Max package the green checkmark isnt there for streaming video. So would the Max Plus (18down) be better for my needs? Or is there really no difference between Max and Max Plus for the Uverse TV service with HD?

I'd really love to get some feedback from anyone living in south florida on Uverse. Since ATT bought out Bellsouth a few years back i've been having all kinds of problems (like once every couple of months) with my DSL service that I have with ATT right now. In the 8yrs Bellsouth owned the service i had not one single outage. I know Uverse and DSL are delivered to your neighborhood in different way but just wondering if the old phone wiring in my apartment complex might have some impact on the TV PQ considering how many issues I already have with my DSL.


Boca Raton, FL
You mentioned that you might consider one in the living room and one in the bedroom. You can only get one DVR with U-verse. Currently you can only record / watch up to a max of 4 different live streams per household. The profile that you end up with is based on the actual performance of the connection once the install is complete.

The internet package is not directly related to the IPTV package you order and the number of streams supported. IPTV will always have a higher priority over internet data. Any HSIA speed tier above 12 Mbps will be impacted (adjusted down in speed ) by the number of streams of IPTV that are active at any point.

Max 12/1.5 will stream video just fine.

PQ on U-verse for HD is not quite as good as DTV so your experience will vary based on this initial PQ factor and any and all issues related to the install and the quality of your connection.

Now some specific South Florida feedback. I have only had one outage since moving to U-verse from BellSouth in 2009. This outage was when a tech took my F2 pair while connecting another customer on the block for U-verse. Outage was just over 1 hour.

You may be seeing issues with your current DSL do the the turn up of U-verse. When they were installing our VRAD and conditioning lines within our block we had a number of short outages while all P-commit pairs were tested / repaired.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
So then i could get the hd dvr for the living room and a standard receiver for the bedroom from which i could watch recorded shows on the living room dvr with the total home dvr service,right?