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Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY
reply to Goggalor

Re: Street Fighter X Tekken

Who's got this, and who's playing this?

Rated R
Attleboro, MA
said by Alpha Phoenix:

Who's got this, and who's playing this?

I am in Cammy/Chun-Li heaven (I call my team Cam-Li).

Capcom basically took the basics of Street Fighter and added more creative juggling (Tekken) and some elements from the MvC games, but without making it too crazy and chaotic. I swear they managed to add two separate combo layers to this game. There is an easy to pull off chaining system (MvC 3) which can be cancelled into EX's and supers, and there is still the tighter linking system from the SF series. I can see how this game might appeal to both casuals AND experts. This really does seem to me like "SF meets the stuff from MvC that isn't too crazy (and with Tekken characters)".

I don't know if I am going to log over 10,000 ranked matches on this one (yes, I actually did that with the SF IV games), but I am really enjoying it so far. There is a staggering number of ways you can create combos in this game, some easy, and some extremely difficult.

Has anyone done the trials yet? I had a ton of trouble with Vega #20, but I finally got the "Sadist" title.
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