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Madera, CA

My concerns.

1st of all, I have the 3 Meg plan on ADSL, but if I were a new customer and I wanted DSL, I could only get 1.5 Meg on what they brand as U-verse. Maybe the ports are full and that is why 3 Meg or higher isn't available.

2nd, Since my area has been "upgraded" more like downgraded, ATT might not sell this area off.

3rd, and even if they do sell it off, what will the prices be, the monthly limit and the speed offering?

4th, Is it possible for ATT to sell DSL to a different provider without disconnecting me and if not, how long would I be disconnected from the internet?

5th, With CumCrap Suckfinity being offered, will that has any affect at all?

It would be nice if ATT does sell off this area to another provider, but like always, the grass isn't greener, it's mostly browner mixed with some yellow.