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Barrie, ON
reply to alexpb1

Re: Which is better right now? Distributel or TekSavvy?

said by alexpb1:

Haven't tried the former yet, but I will be soon. I just signed up for Distributel's 24Mbps cable internet yesterday. Installation is on the 17th. If all goes smoothly I will be dropping my Teksavvy 6Mbps DSL next month.
Seems a lot of people are happy with their service in the Distributel thread on RFD. Lot of the speed results for the 15/24 tiers look promising. I just hope my area is good.

For over the past year I've been waiting for Teksavvy to bring cable to Barrie, but I see now that's not going to happen, no where in the near future at least. So I'm done waiting.

An update to this post I made last month.
I've been on Distributel for the last 20 days, and have to say I am happier than a pig in sh*t. Just got a speed bump a couple days ago too. 28/1 for $62/month with no cap is a lot better than the $50/month for 6Mbit/300 cap I was paying on Teksavvy.

While I've never had any issues with my 5Mbit dsl while on Teksavvy, I have heard a lot about congestion issues on their cable. I know Teksavvy cable isn't in Barrie, but as far as Distributel goes, the connection is rock solid. I've been able to constantly max out my connection on Usenet during peak hours with no issues whatsoever (knock on wood). I am really happy with my service thus far.