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Trenton, ON
reply to dbenoy

Re: WARNING: Acanac promises a static IP, and lies!

said by dbenoy:

Acanac claims that they're "working on" getting their customers genuine static IPs through their VPNs. (They actually volunteered this information to me. I didn't have to solicit it or e-mail feedback@acanac like you suggest.)

--I told you to email feedback about how you felt about this not to have it changed.

It's also a bit concerning to hear a suggestion that I should send an e-mail about the issue because posting here will "not solve your problem". Are you implying that this fraud is not a subject worthy of being discussed in a public forum?

-- I never said or thought. I just said the forum is not the place to have it changed.

-- I suggested you send the email because I can not change how the support team runs things.

If you want to speak on behalf of Acanac, I suggest you reply with an apology. Perhaps some assurance that this is rank negligence by your advertising department, and not the malevolent deception that it appears to be.

--if that is what they are doing or you think they are doing discuss it with the owners. I wish I could tell you I can change it for you but I can't.
--I DO speak on behalf of Acanac and they are the ones that sign my paycheck and give me orders. I told you here what I have been told. If the information was not correct than you have to take that up with them. I do not owe you an apology for telling you something that I was told was the truth. If this is how you feel about what they told you why post it here except for letting others know, which I see your point BUT it will not solve the issue here. It has to be dealt with in that department.