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reply to morisato

Re: Start Communications - new TPIA Rogers/Cogeco

said by morisato:

said by rocca:

said by JCohen:

Are you guys using an aggregated POI for Rogers and Cogeco? If you are what is the reason for delaying the launch in Ottawa?

Yes, we're on aggregated for both. Reason for delay on Ottawa is simply a minor technical one, should be resolved shortly.

Rocca I hope you realize that This particular can of worms you have just opened is going to literally Increase your business by THOUSANDS of customers maybe 10-20 thousand, and are prepared for the extreme volume coming your way callcenters/ backhaul ordering wise. i forsee those 10g cnis being ate up within 3 months

Agreed, Cogeco is going to have a huge outflux of customers jumping to Start just for the increased caps alone.
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